In February, 2024, Kobe Williams, Senior Book Reviewer for WRITERS' BRANDING in his Five-Star Review for Changeling's Return concluded "Changeling's Return is a spellbinding masterpiece that beckons readers to step into a world where imagination knows no bounds. Its unique blend of folklore, music, and philosophical depth creates an experience that transcends literature. This isn't just a novel; it's an invitation to a symphony of emotions and ideas. A resounding five-star rating is a testament to its brilliance, creativity , and the profound impact it leaves on those fortunate enough to be entranced by its magic."  View the entire review.
Richard Rothrock, author and former Screenwriting Instructor at the Motion Picture Institute, Troy, Michigan, wrote this insightful review of Changeling's Return: "Author Travis Edward Pike draws on Western pagan mythology, Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces and the works of Robert Graves to make his case that the environmental crisis threatening us in this century will require us to reembracew our roots and adopt  a way of life more grounded in the rythms of Nature...He has created a fantasy that on film promises to be as visually exciting as it is enlightening, and with an equally stimulating soundtrack album, it may not wait long to find its audience."
Read the November 30, 2020, GOLDMINE Indie Spotlight review of Changeling's Return in which Lee Zimmerman reports, "Pikes consistency and creativity are well established and each new entry in his similarly themed albums and adventures contribute to the sprawling epic that his imagination has spawned over the course of his remarkably prolific career. . . . Pike continues to convey his magical tales through a symphonic surge and a cinematic sweep which fully convey the drama and drive to a dazzling degree."
Read the September 15, 2020 E-2 Media Reviews and notice of another award for Changeling's Return!
Mike Stax, in his review in the Spring 2020 issue of Ugly Things magazine   reports "Changeling's Return is [Pike's] newest gift to the world, a novel that draws on his experiences as a musician and also stirs in elements of fantasy and the supernatural. It's a compelling story with many surprising turns, and a powerful message about mankind's impact on the environment and the urgency of changing course."
February, 2020, Shindig! magazines Four-Star review reports: [Changeling's Return] is "a hotbed of 21st century action, sitting somewhere between David Essex's spoils of rock 'n' roll par excellance Stardust and the rites, intrigue and horror of The Wicker Man. Featuring a handy accompanying soundtrack CD of Pike's music, re-imagined to compliment the updated story, this is a joyful little pairing."
Andy Pearson's review in reports: It's a great story and it includes a lot of almost-paganistic values relating to man's relatiponship with nature and the need for a balance to be reached before mankind's greed and supposed "progress" damages the world beyond repair . . . If you can hear the album in conjunction with reading the novel, it certainly adds further depth . . . I'm more than happy to recommend this book.
January 2020, Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, The Fantasy/Sci-Fi Shelf Critique reports: A unique literary and musical experience, the paperback edition of "Changeling's Return" can be significantly augemented by an accompanying CD of the same title . . . unreservedly recommended for community and academic library collections...also available in a digital book format.
Author, actor, and playwright, Terry Hagerty's review called Changeling's Return "A real page turner, with terrific characters and unexpected plot twists . . . a must read for fans of music and mysticism."

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