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Mike Stax, in his review in the Spring 2020 issue of Ugly Things magazine reports "Changeling's Return is [Pike's] newest gift to the world, a novel that draws on his experiences as a musician and also stirs in elements of fantasy and the supernatural. It's a compelling story with many surprising turns, and a powerful message about mankind's impact on the environment and the urgency of changing course."
February, 2019, Shindig! magazine’s Four-Star review reports: [Changeling's Return] is "a hotbed of 21st century action, sitting somewhere between David Essex's spoils of rock 'n' roll par excellance Stardust and the rites, intrigue and horror of The Wicker Man. Featuring a handy accompanying soundtrack CD of Pike's music, re-imagined to compliment the updated story, this is a joyful little pairing."
Andy Pearson's review in reports: “It's a great story and it includes a lot of almost-paganistic values relating to man's relatiponship with nature and the need for a balance to be reached before mankind's greed and supposed "progress" damages the world beyond repair . . . If you can hear the album in conjunction with reading the novel, it certainly adds further depth . . . I'm more than happy to recommend this book.”
January 2020, Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, The Fantasy/Sci-Fi Shelf Critique reports: A unique literary and musical experience, the paperback edition of "Changeling's Return" can be significantly augemented by an accompanying CD of the same title . . . unreservedly recommended for community and academic library collections...also available in a digital book format.” And on the same page, Terry Hagerty's review called Changeling's Return "A real page turner, with terrific characters and unexpected plot twists . . . a must read for fans of music and mysticism."