Helen Rose awards 5.0 out of 5 stars to DOCS THAT ROCK, MUSIC THAT MATTERS!
(Reviewed in the United States on June 23,2021)
     Harvey Kubernik has seen it all and done it all in the music world. His in depth interviews and insight are clearly detailed as he brings information out of an artist that readers/fans cand enjoy. DOCS THAT ROCK, MUSIC THAT MATTERS is like reminiscing with old friends we knew or wished we knew from 1975 to the present as Harvey delves into his interviews with those from various genres, styles and their role in the music industry. Everyone has a story and an experience to share and Harvey captures those stories for us to learn from and appreciate. You will want this book in your music collection. It serves as a reference for days gone by and wish we had them back once more
Gordon Skene, two-time Grammy Nominee and archivist runs The Gordon Skene Sound Archive and, a website dedicated to preserving and encouraging an interest in history and historic news, events, and cultural aspects of our society. Gordon's stellar review of Harvey Kubernik's Docs That Rock, Music That Matters, Gordon calls it "an essential reference book and that makes it an imperative for anybody who has even a remote interest in Rock Music and where stuff came from." Read the entire review at
In the 2020 Winter Issue Ugly Things magazine review, Mike Stax wrote, "Harvey Kubernik has tapped into his deep archive of interviewssome from as long ago as 1975, others as recent as last yearto present a substantial, authoritative exploration of music documentaries ... Theres a huge amount of information packed into these pages, making this book an invaluable reference source for anyone interested in how documentaries and television have chronicled and celebrated music that matters."
In Colin Bailey's review of Docs That Rock, Music That Matters in the UK magazine RNR November/December issue, he writes "Music Journalist Kubernik has assembled many of his director, producer, and artist interviews from 1975 to 2019, along with new essays, tributes, treatises and non-edited content from his archives...a fascinating seam to mine. As a reference work on music documentaries--and a source for great quotes--this book is invaluable."
Music Connections magazine's September, 2020 review calls Harvey Kubernik's 19th book "the definitive volume for fans, collectors, music and film student to cherish and share with anyone who follows rock and roll facts and stax of wax from the '50s into out current century . . . another passionate and uniquely informed treasure chest of rock and soul revelations."
Shindig! magazines September, 2020 Four-Star review of DOCS THAT ROCK, MUSIC THAT MATTERS"The hugely prolific Harvey Kubernik L.A. scenester and rock and pop historian extraordinaire turns his all-seeing eye to the history, evolution and esthetics of the rock and pop documentary in this his latest highly detailed and immaculately researched volume . . . Kubernik's vast personal archive Docs The Rock, Music That Matters, offers the reader a mutli-faceted, fact crammed insider view of a selection of the most significant popular music documentaries and tv shows from the 60's onwards."
FearandLoathingFanzine_Docs_That_Rock_Review of DOCS THAT ROCK, MUSIC THAT MATTERS reports:". . .there really is a lot here for any music fan who really wants to know more about the way things have developed over the years. This is certainly a book that will give you plenty to think about."
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