in Ugly Things magazine's Summer issue #51, Mike Stax dedicated a full page to his review of "If I Didn't Love You Girl with a sidebar to bring his readers up-to-date on the goings-on at Otherworld Cottage Industries.
March 2019: the new untouchables posted this press release announcing their March 2019 limited edition reissue of the Travis Pike's Tea Party original 1968 recording "If I Didn't Love You Girl," which only added to Pike's growing popularity in the U.K.
In the Forgotten Hits Blogspot January 15, 2019 issue of Tuesday This And That, opening with a Music Scene TV clip from Three Dog Night's "Eli's Coming," beginning on what would be about page 3, Kent Kotal publishes quotes from earlier reviews of Travis Pike's 1964-1974: Odd Tales and Wonders, and his own review, in which he writes, "Travis has put together a very interesting recap of his life in the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s, recapturing several of what I can only describe as 'near brushes with fame'...which keep the reader riveted to keep reading to see what other life experiences he had along the way."
January 2019: Shindig! magazine posted Lenny Helsing's Four-Star review of 1964-1974: A Decade of Odd Tales and Wonders at the top of its reviews/books page, and on the bottom left, there's an excellent Three-Star review of Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik's new book, The Story of the Band.
December 2018: CAVE HOLLYWOOD published Harvey Kubernik's feature interview, Travis Pike: Renaissance Man Revisited Long overlooked musician, songwriter and now podcaster, Travis Pike has taken a unique caqreer journey that's worth checking out.
October 2018: Andy Pearson, publisher of independent fanzine Fear and Loathing, posted this review of Travis Edward Pike's new, enhanced and expanded memoir, 1964-1974: A Decade of Odd Tales and Wonders wholeheartedly recommending it to anyone with a real interest in Beat music and great stories.
Goldmine Magazine, April, 2018: All four of Lee Zimmerman's Quick Picks were Travis Edward Pike CDs from the Otherworld Cottage Catalog including Outside the Box, Tea Party Snack Platter, Feelin' Better, and Morningstone Music (now updated and reissued as Mystical Encounter: Songs from Changeling's Return), and we're told, that is the first time that ever happened!
April 2018: Andy Pearson, publisher of independent fanzine Fear and Loathing, posted an insightful and entertaining Travis Pike in-depth interview that links Pike's early rock'n'roll career (begun in earnest in the mid-sixties), to his many automotive adventures and misadventures, exploring Pike's history as a constantly-evolving storytelling singer, songwriter, author, and filmmaker, and includes reviews of properties in Pike's current Otherworld Cottage catalog, most only finally produced and released to the public for the first time in this decade.
February 2018: Independent music magazine It's Psychedelic Baby published Lenny Helsing's The Travis Pike Story, an in-depth article focused primarily on Pike's early career as a songer-songwriter, but carrying it forward from the mid-sixties right up to the present, touching on his career as a Hollywood multi-hyphenate along the way, and culminating in Pike's current releases of most of his legacy catalog, and had two songs, "Watch Out Woman" and "The Way That I Need You," performed by Travis Pike and the Brattle Street East in the 1966 cult film, Feelin' Good, released for the first time on a vinyl single by State Records, place number 3 on Shindig! magazine's Best of 2017 issue.
December 2017: Cave Hollywood has posted a Harvey Kubernik, in-depth interview with Travis Pike, about the 1997 production of Grumpuss, now released in a 20th Anniversary Platinum Edition on DVD.
Shindig! announced its BEST OF 2017 in Issue 74 and to our surprise and delight, in the BEST SINGLE CATEGORY, the State Records release of Travis Pike & The Brattle Street East - Watch Out Woman / The Way That I Need You was #3 of their top ten choices!
In the Winter, 2017, Ugly Things magazine issue #46, page 127, ECHOES FROM THE VAULT, Mike Stax writes, “'Watch Out Woman' is an absolute killer, a three-chord garage mover with a call-and-response vocal hook, slashing guitars, and an unstoppable backbeat, while 'The Way That I Need You' is almost as great, a pleading love song with some residual Presley influences (Elvis not Reg)." And as if that isn't enough good news, check out this Harvey Kubernik interview and capsule review of Pike's Grumpuss 20th Anniversary Platinum Edition on DVD.
Goldmine magazine’s November 2017 issue, states “The creativity of one Travis Edward Pike is off the charts. Musician, singer-songwriter, acreenwriter and writer of poetry and prose, Mr. Pike will have you appreciating the prolific path of his art.” Interview by Harvey Kubernik.
SHINDIG! magazine's August 2017 issue 70, two-page spread, "Things Just Aren't The Way They Seem." claims "Watch Out Woman" may well be the best garage-punk nugget you'll hear this year. So why has it taken 51 tears to gain a release?" Lenny Helsing explains all.
May 2017: Travis Pike's Career Relaunch Celebrates the Fiftieth Anniversary of the 1967 Summer of Love in an Interview by Harvey Kubernik published by Cave Hollywood.
February, 2017: The FORGOTTEN HITS NEWSLETTER announcing publication date for Harvey Kubernik's new book, 1967: A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love, and presents the Harvey Kubernik - Travis Pike Interview on the 1967 Summer of Love not in the book.
Harvey Kubernik - Travis Pike Pictorial Interview reprint from the Winter 2016-2017 Issue of UGLY THINGS Magazine.
December 2016: Travis Edward Pike A Contemporary Renaissance 50 Years in the Making revised & updated by author, journalist, and pop music historian, Harvey Kubernik.
September 2016: Journalist, author, and music historian Harvey Kubernik interviews Hollywood multi-hyphenate Travis Edward Pike — again! This time the focus is Pike's career in writing, motion pictures, and music from 1974 to the Present.
June 2016: Travis Edward Pike is "Outside the Box" interview by author, journalist, and pop music historian, Harvey Kubernik published on CAVE HOLLYWOOD.COM.
December 2015: What's New at Otherworld Cottage? Graphics artist Linda Snyder joins the creative coalition, and more... Harvey Kubernik's End of the Year Interview with Travis Edward Pike.