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April 2019, Midwest Book Review reports: "Travis Edward Pike's Grumpuss 20th Anniversary Platinum Edition (1 hour, 38 min.), is the award-winning DVD of Pike's beloved narrative poem, transformed into an epic film performance. A treasuer sure to delight connoiseurs of classic British fantasy, Pike's Grumpuss is a choice pick for family movie night and public library collections. Also highly recommended is the 2-CD set Travis Edward Pike's Grumpuss: The 15th Anniversary Audio Theater Edition (79 min. 9 sec.), which allows one to listen to the marvelous adventure as a radio play.
Harvey Kubernik's review in the Winter 2017 Issue of UGLY THINGS MAGAZINE reports "The rhyme is in English and set in Britain's medieval past, when the oral tradition prevailed, supported primarily by kings, nobles, and some colorful outlaws. I watched Pike's remastered DVD, in every way more revealing and potent than the reviews and testimonials for the 1998 VHS release claimed.