Otherworld Cottage Industries (Paperback, 172 pages,digital download version available)

     In 1879, Irish-born rogues, Sean Mulcahy and Michael Lonergan, arrive in Monterey, California, where their past catches up with them and threatens their futures.
     Two of the last surviving members of the St. Patrick’s Battalion, better known as the San Patricios, they had served as part of an elite artillery unit in the Mexican Army during the Mexican-American War, made up of Irish and Catholic deserters from the American Army.
     After the war, Sean and Michael wander through Northern Mexico and the American West, looking after and taking care of one another. One day, they come across a Chinese family, shot dead on the dunes south of the Carmel River, and an eight year old girl, for some reason, left alive. They take the Chinese girl to Monterey, where they become mixed up in the politics, prejudice, and people of the rapidly evolving town.

     In poetry or prose, the San Patricios,
The last remaining Wild Geese chose
To make our final stand,
Fallen brothers close at hand,
We, last of all the San Patricios.


     Terry Hagerty is a writer by vocation, an actor by inclination, and a lifelong student of history through an abundant curiosity. Born and raised in Indiana, he studied Theatre and Drama at Indiana University and screenwriting at the American Film Institute. Terry has had an extensive career in various regional theaters as an actor, director, stage manager, stagehand, set designer, lighting designer, and ticket collector. His work in independent film includes being an actor, director, producer, camera operator, composer, editor, and as a member of various crews. In addition to being a novelist, he is also a prolific screenwriter, playwright, short story writer, lyricist, and sometime poet, as well as the author of several children’s stories.

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