A half-dozen music clips salvaged from the 1966 movie Feelin' Good, half of which featured Travis Pike performing with the Brattle Street East, introduced sixties rocker Travis to a broader 21st century audience, and it all began with a November 7, 2016 Perlich Post online article claiming "the best music video of 2016 was actually shot in 1966," followed up with a Monday, December 5, 2016 Perlich Post citing the Harvey Kubernik interview in Ugly Things, "Travis Pike: Feelin' Good" interview subtitled "Harvey Kubernik talks to the man behind New England garage icons Travis Pike's Tea Party and reveals the secrets of a must-see teen flick, lost and now found..." that triggered interest resulting in the UK-based State Records release of the original optical mono soundtrack recordings of both songs from the movie's Charles River Esplanade sequence, "Watch Out Woman" and "The Way That I Need You" that went on to place third in the UK Shindig! magazine's "Best of 2017" December Issue 74 that, in turn led to in-depth, online Travis Pike interviews with Lenny Helsing, "The Travis Edward Pike Story" for the February 22, 2018 It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine and Andy Pearson's Travis Pike interview in, and the rest, as they say, is history (except that we made our entry in BEST SINGLE column below bold, so you'd find it quicker).


Can't Shake It Loose / I'll Bet You
Westbound / Ace

Compiler Dean Rutland says:
"Working with Westbound is one of the finest things I get to do and this doule-sider is an exceptional recording from both the label's and Funkadelic's earliest days. It's a great honour for it to be recognized by Shindig!"

02 Gene Pitney / Jacki Bond - Let The Music Play / Reviewing The Situation - Spoke
03 Travis Pike & The Brattle Street East - Watch Out Woman / The Way That I Need You - State
04 The Schizophonics - In Mono / Clocks Strikes 12 -Sympathy For The Record Industry
05 Wermond - Wermoond EP - Sunstone
06 Kaleidescope - Holiday Maker / Mr Small The Watch Repairer Man - Chelsea
07 Eddie Parker - I'm Gone / Love You Baby
Kent / Ace
08 Green Seagull - Scarlet / They Just Don't Know - Mega Dodo
09 MNP - Beard / Ratto Nero - Delights
Vivian Stanshall & biG Grunt - InSession
Mega Dodo
Watch Out Woman
The Way That I Need You


Lenny Helsing's Review
"It's not every day a song comes along that has the '60s garage appreciation congregation all in a lather, but Travis Pike's '"Watch Out Woman', an unreleased gem of the hallowed vintage of 1966, is such an accolade-deserving specimen.
"It roars outta the speakers and moves rock 'n' roll obsessives - at least temporarily - into stop everything flip out mode since its discovery during the early part of last year via the internet, part of an unknown budget movie, Feelin' Good.
"Travis' clear and confident vocals rip through an unstoppable thundering rhythm, goaded on by clanging lead guitar and pounding drums, the whole producing a superb blast of highly-charged, ultra-durable beat mayhem.
"Flipside, 'The Way That I Need You', decreases the pace, but this could've been like an unconscious template for 'Canyons Of Your Mind', the Bonzos' still to be implimented timeless caper, but with serious attitude, heartfelt emotion and authentic fan-style screaming. You need this."